WAY.V Dropped a Color at NY NOW with Colorful Extra Soft Toothbrush

This season, the acclaimed NY NOW Exhibition saw WAY.V emerge as a standout participant, drawing the curiosity of industry professionals and general attendees with their vibrant 'Extra Soft Toothbrush.' Hosted from August 13 to 16 at the Javits Center in New York, WAY.V's booth took its place within the Korea pavilion, where it showcased alongside other notable enterprises. Attendees were particularly taken...

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AP news - WAY.V Unveils the 'Extra Soft Toothbrush' With Micro-fine Tech And Two-level Bristles

Discover a world of vibrant and colorful oral care with WAY.V, the brand that knows how to infuse everyday routines with a drop of excitement. Introducing the 'Extra Soft Toothbrush,' WAY.V's latest innovation promises to revolutionize the dental hygiene experience for individuals worldwide. With a deep understanding of the need for a toothbrush that caters to sensitive gums and teeth, WAY.V has...

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