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EXTRA SOFT TOOTHBRUSH made for a Dentist

Eugene, a dentist with sensitive gums and teeth
is now a big fan of WAY.V toothbrush.

Eugene, a dentist with sensitive gums and teeth is now a big fan of WAY.V toothbrush.

Why you need us

Why you need soft bristle?

ADA (American dental associaiton) recommends using soft bristle toothbrush, giving less damage to your gums and teeth.

Reviews from our fans

Wow ... very surprising, these work well and priced right! 5/5
I was skeptical. A few years ago I started using ultra-soft toothbrushes because they work so well and do not irritate the gums and can get into small spaces between teeth. The problem is that not all soft toothbrushes work that well.

I like these best now because they are soft and the bristles are very effective - and they brushes are wide so they are more effective at cleaning and you can brush faster. They are also so inexpensive. I'm very impressed.

So far, as of now, these are my favorite toothbrushes.

Rating: Best Buy 5/5
Very Nice Toothbrushes! 🦷 🙂👍
I was so happy I got to try these Way.V extra soft toothbrushes for sensitive gums! I have sensitive gums with a little bit of recession, and I want to minimize that and take good care of my teeth without using an abrasive brush that will bother or irritate my sensitive teeth and gums. Oral hygiene is very important to me, and I enjoy using these softer bristled brushes because I feel they work well. They are functional and get the job done without the harsh abrasive bristles that other toothbrushes have. 🦷 Also, you get a good amount of brushes included with this product so they should last a good long time. These brushes have double layers of bristles that work well and don't miss any germs when you are brushing! My teeth feel nice and clean. I like that each brush comes with its own cap to keep our germs and bacteria which is very hygienic. 🍀 7 toothbrushes come in the set Very useful, practical product for oral hygiene for people with sensitive gums, in my opinion! 👍 🙂 🦷
Wonderful brushes!
These are truly the softest toothbrushes I have ever used. I am so glad I became aware of them and bought them; I will definitely continue to buy them in the future. They clean my teeth really well, too.
Vicki Wagner
Wayv vs Nimbus Excellent economical alternative to Nimbus brush
I've been a Nimbus brush user for several years, while I like the softness of the brushes, I didn't like the high price, nor having to replace them ever so often from wear. I stayed with Nimbus, because I didn't find any feasible alternatives. I was skeptical when I ordered these, but so glad I did.

These brushes came 14 in a pack which is at least a good year's worth or more. Each brush came with individual caps, but were not individually packed. Nimbus doesn't have brush caps for traveling, but each brush was individually packaged. The handles on Wayv are thick and straight, Nimbus is a curvy contoured handle. I saw no difference in the performance of the brush heads. Both are equally soft, with the Wayv slightly wider.

I thought the Wayv with it's straight handle would be awkward to use, but was pleasantly surprised. There was no discomfort, it's also sturdy and don't bend with pressure. The Wayv brush seems to produce more fine bubbles than Nimbus, given the same amount of toothpaste.

Toothbrush comfort is a personal item that is subjective. I can't speak for others, but I am very happy to have found these and will be getting more for family members who are also Nimbus users. Nimbus costs a small fortune at almost twice the cost of Wayv. I am perfectly fine with my toothbrush bulk packed rather than pay for packaging that ends up in trash. Highly recommend!!!
J Wallace
I have only used these a few days and I prefer the bristles them to anything else I've tried, including extra-soft toothbrushes from Nimbus, Dr. Collins, and Radius Super Soft brush heads. I've used those brands for years. The bristles are similar to those on a Nimbus but these Way.v brushes have more of the bristles - the brush is denser. I always thought the Nimbus bristles are too sparse, though they have that just-right softness. These bristles also have that just-right feeling.

Also like the Nimbus there is no irritation on sensitive gums and the bristles fit where you want them to go. IMO that's not not the same place where a stiff bristle wants to go. A little hard to explain. Dentist told me super-soft on teeth is like sweeping up dust with a soft broom, not with a branch of pine needles. Don't take it too literally, it's just an analogy. But I especially feel when the bristles form around the shape of my molars, surrounding the back of the tooth.

Other things I like about Way.v - the price is right. I also like skinny handles, not fat ones. I prefer how the skinny handles feel, and I really appreciate how it fits in the old toothbrush/cup holder that's built into my bathroom. To keep the bristles from bending on the toothbrush holder I wrap a rubber band around the handle. Less of a hassle than toothbrushes that leave residue in the cup or leaving them to dry on the side of the sink where they get knocked off.
Max Oldham

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