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Exactly what I was looking for!
Finding extra soft toothbrushes these days was almost impossible for me in any stores, I ordered these and they are so soft , exactly the softness i was looking for and I love the bright colors!
Wonderful brushes!
These are truly the softest toothbrushes I have ever used. I am so glad I became aware of them and bought them; I will definitely continue to buy them in the future. They clean my teeth really well, too.
Wednesday, Jan 26, 2019
Very Nice Toothbrushes!
I was so happy I got to try these Way.V extra soft toothbrushes for sensitive gums! I have sensitive gums with a little bit of recession, and I want to minimize that and take good care of my teeth without using an abrasive brush that will bother or irritate my sensitive teeth and gums. Oral hygiene is very important to me, and I enjoy using these softer bristled brushes because I feel they work well. They are functional and get the job done without the harsh abrasive bristles that other toothbrushes have.
Wednesday, Jan 26, 2019
Great Value
First of all, I like that you get 7 in one container. They have nice colors, and the handle is very sturdy. I like that they have a cover over the brush for storing and travel. They would be great to keep in your guest bathroom, take on trips, or everyday use for sensitive gums.
Wednesday, Jan 26, 2019

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FAQ Section

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose an extra soft toothbrush instead of a regular one?

Opting for an extra soft toothbrush is ideal for all, particularly for sensitive oral conditions...

Will an extra soft bristle toothbrush clean my teeth as effectively as a harder one?

Definitely! Originally crafted for a dentist, our extra soft bristle toothbrush...